FUNDACION PUEBLA USA is a community-guided organization serving as a social resource to all Poblanos -Mexicans who originate from the State of Puebla and currently reside in the United States of America (USA).
Its vision is to build better communities throughout the U.S.A. in which Poblano’s can play an active role. Its mission is to provide the necessary tools, resources, and support to all Poblanos so that they may have access to education, economic prosperity, healthy living, cultural awareness, and civic participation. This is achieved through a variety of social events and community engagement activities throughout the U.S.A.

The objectives of this corporation are:

• To inspire, motivate, and assist Poblanos to obtain education at any level
• To increase Poblano’s knowledge of economics & opportunities for prosperity
• To promote good health and provide tools for healthy living
• To create awareness of and promote Poblanos traditions, culture, and history
• To increase Poblano’s participation and integration in the social life of U.S.A.
• To inspire and motivate Poblano’s to increase their civic participation